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Memoirs - Pets Need Nannies Too

Pets Need Nannies Too, Inc., would like to introduce you to Nannies Memoirs. As pet owners ourselves, as well as caring daily for others’ pets, we have come to appreciate how special our animals are to us. They entertain us with their antics; beguile us with their poses; comfort us with their presence; love us unquestionably; exasperate us with their stubbornness; worry us with their illnesses; and make us laugh out loud. Log on. Stay up dated. Laugh and cry with us as Nannies Memoirs seeks to share these memorable moments with you, their “Moms” and “Dads”.

We appreciate all true, verifiable stories relating to your animals or photos that will put a smile on everyone’s face. Please contact us with a story or picture you would like to share.

That was one big & expensive pecan

I’d like to introduce you to my friend Prince Albert. Prince Albert is very much a pet who thrives on attention. It amazes me how far he’ll go to get it. One morning I got a call from his mom. She said Prince Albert was real sick and she didn’t know what was wrong with him. The day before he had thrown up at least 7 different times. He had thrown up again that morning in the bedroom. By now he had stopped eating and was just lying around.

He could hardly lift his head up. I knew immediately that he had gotten something in his intestines that he couldn’t pass. They waited a little longer to see if he could pass it on his own, but he couldn’t. Finally Prince Albert went to the doctors, a visit we would never forget.

The doctor took a picture of his intestines. Sure enough a big round object showed up. We still had no idea what it was. The doctors decided to give Prince Albert a shot to see if it would help him pass this huge object, but as the day went on he only get worse. The decision was made to go in and it.

To our surprise the doctor found a huge pecan that still had his teeth marks on it. He swallowed it whole. That was one big Texas size pecan. Prince Albert never caught on that he nearly lost his life. He thought all the attention he got was because he did a good thing, so every where he went he had to show off his incision to every one.

That huge pecan became a friend to Prince Albert. He loved showing everyone his incision. Fortunately Prince Albert survived this mishap, but he is an accident waiting to happen all the time.

One day he almost strangled himself on the cord to the computer. It was wrapped around his neck. The more he chased it the worse it got. Thank goodness his caretaker was there to get him out of that mess.

Somehow I think we will be hearing about our little friend Prince Albert again.

UPDATE: As I said we would hear from Prince Albert again. Prince Albert had the same symptoms as before, once again he found himself in surgery. This time he swallowed a ball. Prince Albert made it out of surgery O.K., but continued to get into all kinds of trouble. It was such a hard decision to make, but Mr. Prince Albert was taken to a new home where there is less of a chance for him to get into trouble. He is doing great and hasn’t gone under the knife since.

The run away bird

This is Clancy the cat and Cyrax the bird. From the time I start this job till I finish it I do nothing but laugh. There are actually five pets to this family but Clancy instigates every situation that arises.

Clancy always tries to think of ways to get Cyrax out of his cage. He’ll go to great lengths to do this too. One day I noticed him at the top of the stairs just starring at the cage. He finally came downstairs and hid on the stool next to the cage. He looked around to make sure that no one was watching him. He then jumped up on the counter that was behind the cage. He again looks around to make sure he is alone. The next thing I knew he was on top of the cage. The cage has wheels so off and running he went. Cyrax at first was singing until he realized Clancy was steering the cage. He starts to yell for help. Before I could catch up to the cage he nearly runs over the dog and two other cats. What a sight they all were.

Once I got Clancy down he heads for the laundry room to get a drink from the faucet. Now he starts yelling for me to come to turn the water on. He is so demanding!!

When he finishes getting a drink now it’s time for a nap. As you can see in the pictures he finds a spot on top of the cabinet and finally I can take care of the other animals while he naps. This nap only lasts a few minutes before he heads out for his next adventure.

Clancy never gave up trying to get in Cyrax’s cage. He finally got his way so in the cage he goes and Cyra comes out! Of course Clancy couldn’t understand why Cyrax left the cage Clancy pleaded with him. Cyrax just laughed, and flew off singing the ‘Yellow Rose of Texas’.

Wishful Thinking

Meet Miss Chiquita. She thinks she’s pretty big and very important. We have never told her any different. That was a mistake because one day she would meet her match. Her big sister was pet sitting her neighbors’ hamster. Chiquita was very curious about what was in the cage so she decided to check it out. She began to sniff around the cage. At first the hamster stayed in hiding, but kept watching Chiquita. Finally out she came. Chiquita was trying to figure out what it was.

She began to sniff around the cage. At 1st the hamster stayed in hiding but kept watching Chiquita. Finally out she came. Chiquita was trying to figure out what it was. She could tell it was fury like her, but a lot smaller. The hamster thought she was harmless and came out face to face with her.

She could tell it was furry like her, but a lot smaller. The hamster thought she was harmless and came out face to face with her. At that point Chiquita decided it was her dinner. When she began to smack her lips with her tongue the hamster got worried. Off and running it went. Chiquita said “hey where do you think you’re going” the hamster said “you’re kidding right?”

Off into hiding the hamster went. Chiquita wasn’t feeling so big now. She couldn’t believe she let a smaller creature outsmart her. Good news; Chiquita has her own pet hamster now and she makes it known who runs their palace.

Baylee & Kiera

This is Miss Baylee. Miss Baylee is blind but it never has slowed down her activity. Her favorite toy is this basketball. She can really dribble it. In fact she makes so much noise that her sister Kiera will run to the bathroom, open up the linen closet and hides in there.

Mr. Big Foot

This is Mr. Big Foot as I call him. Mr. Big Foot thinks he’s a chef so after you put his food down he goes to work. First he gets his paw real wet. He’ll find a toy that he’ll use to mix his food and mix he does. It’s quite funny to watch. When he’s all done making his gravy he always lays back and says “A job well done”.

Cat with an Attitude

Miss Tessa has quite an attitude problem.  She refuses to let me bond with her.  She loves to open cupboard doors.  When I’m there she’s always in her favorite spot in the cupboard under the TV.  The only time she’ll come out is when I’ve put her food down.  Then she sneaks out to get her food.  She’s quite the challenge, but I still have hopes that one day she’ll be my friend.

Taffy the Future Olympic Star

I have seen dogs play, but Taffy deserves a spot on the canine Olympic team. Before she starts her workouts, she has to have her mug of coffee. Next, Taffy never works out without an audience, so she has to get your attention 1st!!

Then she’s ready to go! She gets her ball, and before long literally has the ball spinning around her head.You might wonder if Taffy ever gets the ball and rope wrapped around her head. She does, but she can get herself out of it as fast as she put herself in it. She loves to take her ball for a walk too, looking behind her to make sure that it’s with her. She plays until her tongue is to the floor.

After all that hard workout Taffy finds her treat and she’s ready to start all over again. Taffy also loves to swim, too. It’s a guarantee that we go out for a potty stop only to end up in the pool. Taffy looks forward to the day she’ll become an Olympic canine star!


Benefit in using Pets Need Nannies Too Services

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  • Your pets enjoy the same familiar surroundings when you’re away
  • Eliminate the possibility of your pet being exposed to other animals' sickness or diseases
  • No inconvenience in transporting pets
  • Home security
  • You come home to your pets rather than having to pick them up.
    Sometimes because of the time you arrive home they can’t be picked up until the next day

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